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  • Wondering what Author Evelyn's middle name means in Yoruba, one of the main tribes in Nigeria?

  • The lord is sufficient for wealth.


    olú- lord, God, prominence
    tó- is sufficient for
    ọlá- wealth, nobility


  • Evelyn is a Nigerian American storyteller, writer, and author of the children’s book, On the Streets of Ondo.

    Evelyn enjoys everything about her culture and loves that her books could be the first introduction to Nigeria and Africa for children around the world. Her hopes is that her stories will inspire people to explore the world and the humans that live in it.

    Evelyn passionate about improving literacy, education, and mental health, first and foremost in America and Nigeria.

    She loves writing for children and for screen. When she is not writing, she watches TV to break down scripts and reading other scripts. Evelyn is a huge tennis and soccer fan, but loves sports in general, and enjoys listening to music.

    She loves to volunteer! Other things you can catch Evelyn doing include meditating, yoga, teaching, spending time with family, wandering, reading, learning, and traveling.

    Evelyn's favorite thing to do is laugh and smile with just about anyone and her favorite celebrated day is World Kindness Day. We must admit, Evelyn has a lot of favorites; if we didn't know better we'd think Evelyn loves just about everything life as to offer.

    Evelyn's first published children's book, On the Streets of Ondo is the first book in a series of stories about generational relationships and friendship. The story was inspired by Evelyn's upbringing in Nigeria where she heard stories from her parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and really, the whole tribe.

    Evelyn still loves listening to stories and telling stories to her children. Evelyn resides in Olney, Maryland with her husband and three children.