Makings of On the Streets of Ondo

OTSOO is illustrated by the talented Kamala M. Nair

Insta: @Kamala_M_Nair.

Kamala resides in India and me, in the United States. Through technology and thanks to Wise Ink, my publisher, we were able to partner and create something amazing.

Check out some character designs below!

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On the Streets of Ondo - Paperback

On the Streets of Ondo - Paperback

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Young readers will gasp and giggle as the friends figure out the mystery and—along the way—learn about their town, families, and the strength of their own bravery.
In Ondo, Nigeria, children grow up hearing tales of the Deruba Man—a mysterious presence who makes people vanish when go out at night. These types stories are passed down from wise parents and grandparents. Elders tell tales of close calls. But Kemi, Femi, and Tinu, aren’t scared. They make a plan to venture out at night and find the Deruba Man, once and for all. “Surely he could not make all three of us disappear all at once!” says Kemi. Will they find the Deruba Man?
Author Evelyn Logan pairs a love of educational children’s picture books with her Nigerian-American heritage. In this Nigerian children’s book, discover: - shared childhood experiences around the globe:
- Nigerian culture and geography for kids,
- the tradition of African folktales, and
- a glossary of Yoruba words
Details: 10x10, softcover, full color illustrations, Yoruba words throughout story, map of Ondo, history of Ondo and a glossary of Yoruba words
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